The design team at Evoke begins each project with a consideration of the client’s needs. We reject an appliqué lighting approach of using only the latest and most expensive technology available; instead, Evoke develops artistic conceptual lighting that is uniquely suited to each project. With the client’s participation, the concept undergoes several revisions until completion. We prepare scrupulous and detailed preparatory documentation, relying on a vast supply of resources and support materials and faithful supervision of the contractor’s work. This careful hands-on approach — from the first meetings and drawings and renderings to the final focusing of the equipment — is the key realization of the firm’s impeccable design statements.

To this end, the Evoke design team is a real team; working closely with the principal designer and with each other there is a concerted effort to maintain constant communication between all members of the team and the client and architect, so that every aspect of the job at hand is covered. Our office is equipped with the latest technology and software for communicating our ideas with our clients in an expeditious manner. These aspects of information flow are realized with bi-weekly meetings, review and send-outs, follow-ups on phone calls, e-mail and video conferencing.

When setting procedures to adhere to budgets, experience is the key. Early concept design that conforms to the established budget and confirmation of pricing from the manufacturers is also important. Early on Evoke attempts to lock in prices with manufacturers with whom we have long-established working relationships so we can provide the desired lighting effects for the project within the constraints of the budget. We are very pro-active with electrical contractors, distributors and lighting manufacturers. This allows for ease and accuracy in ordering, resulting in projects that are beautiful and innovative beyond our client’s expectations.