At EVOKE DESIGN our passion for lighting design is in the details and it’s our core values that drive that passion. In each and every project we strive to evoke EMOTION, create ATMOSPHERE, convey SOPHISTICATION, and design with PRECISION.

We like to define our core values as:

EMOTION – a biologically-based natural instinctive or intuitive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, perception, mood, or relationship with one’s surroundings. Lighting design creates symbiosis, connecting people with their environment.

ATMOSPHERE the pervading tone, mood, or ambiance that envelopes a space or environment and is highly influenced by lighting design through form, function, accents, highlights, color tone, color rendering, and circadian rhythm.

SOPHISTICATION – the ability to create a high level of coordination through lighting design-savvy, subtlety, simplicity, and complexity. Sophistication is commonly thought of as a measure of lighting design refinement. Along with sophistication comes social responsibility and a commitment to create energy efficient, environmentally conscious design.

PRECISION – the quality or condition of one’s environment being exact and accurate. Precision is achieved through perfect color temperatures, accurate beam shaping, ample layers of light, perfect light levels, and intelligent lighting control.